Rock-bottom open rates on your welcome email?

Trial users sign up for your SaaS trial. But 2% of them click the "activate account" link in your welcome email.

New subscribers hurry up for your lead magnet. But they never click the "download your exclusive guide" link in your welcome email. 

They were all hot and bothered to give you their email 10 minutes ago... then vanished into thin air. 

What the $**#? 

It's your welcome email. Instead of welcoming your new user or subscriber, it has two hands on their back, shoving them out the front door. 

Your welcome email should hit 7 essential notes. These notes persuade your new user to stay... 

... get to know you and realize what a great guy you are... 

...snag a drink and get excited for new life-changin' events. 

Sounds great, you say, but what are those 7 points? And how do I know if I'm hitting them? 

Glad you asked. Before hitting send on my welcome email -- or signing off on my clients' welcome emails -- I run it through a quick checklist. 

Get the exact checklist I use for squeezing all the persuasion juice from my welcome email... and watch your click-thru rates skyrocket.