Work with me

Here's what working with me looks like:

Step 1

Speed Chat

We hop on a 15-min chat to dive a little deeper into your project, and we figure out if there's a spark.

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Step 2


You'll answer a detailed questionnaire to fill me in on all the dirty details of your business, like current + ideal email conversions, open rates, business goals, and problem spots in your emails.


Step 3


In a 60-minute Zoom call, we plot out the strategy for your new email campaign, determine customer segments, and lay out a timeline for your sequence.


Step 4


You create a Google folder with survey responses, on-site polls, customer testimonials, etc., and I interview your past and current customers. That's the juice to create yummy, can't-resist conversion copy.


Step 5

Writing + Review

Once your emails are finished, you'll get a link to a Google doc so you can edit and add comments. And we'll do one live round of copy review on a Zoom chat together.


Step 6


Wins are super fun, but learning is more important. Especially when it comes to emails where a subject line dramatically changes an open rate. Now's the time to test and refine your emails so they work harder.

Need email copy, like, yesterday?

 You can book a block of live copywriting time with me right here:

Get emails with the POW-er you've heard so much of:

High-Converting Email Marketing Consulting: starting at $5,000

Got new software that needs an onboarding or free trial sequence to support it?

But you don’t have any idea of where to start… or how to make them convert. And frankly, you’ve got a zillion other things you need to focus on. You ain't got time for wading through piles of data…

… Imagining yourself as a new user (for the 100th time)

… Facing the blinking cursor on a blank page

… Summoning words, any words, to fill that blank page AND move your user from brand-new or free trial to happy customer.

I can help by:

  • Getting inside your customers’ heads
  • Plotting your onboarding or free trial emails
  • Writing the emails in your sequence
  • Engineering conversions in your email copy
  • Optimizing and testing to boost conversions

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Email Conversion Copy Optimization: starting at $1,500

Need to increase your conversions in your emails? But carving out time from the million plus things already on your plate just ain’t looking promising.

And you don’t have the expertise or education needed to make these emails the work-horses they need to be. We’re talking about the green cash lifeblood of your SaaS company here — winging words that “feel right” at new users just ain’t gonna cut it.

Thanks to my experience as a conversion optimizer and email expert, I help with optimizing:

  • Onboarding email series
  • Free trial email sequences
  • Cold emails to attract new leads

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Who You Are

You're a startup or SaaS founder who needs email copy that does the heavy liftin' and drives conversions. Someone who wants honest, non-salesy emails that bring home the bacon.


P.S. About $

I don't offer refunds. All packages under $1000 are paid in full. Any package over $1000 requires 60% paid in advance and 40% upon completion.


What I Don't Do

If you're looking for social media posts or web copy, I'm not the gal for you.

I'm best for can't-stop-reading, friendly emails (and landing pages) that drive conversions and revenue.