Custom Cold Email Audit


… Inject notice-me-power into your outreach

Oh gawd, cold emails combine your two most hateful things: selling + writing. Your forte is in writing code. Not emails sent to a total stranger.

Writing those cold emails induce sweaty hands, and a heartbeat like you drank 2 liters of coffee. In a single gulp.

But, god bless you, you soldiered through and now you’re sending out a cold email to drum up sales.

Are your cold emails having any of these problems?

  • Nobody opens your cold email (it’s like they don’t even see it)
  • You’re getting 0 replies
  • You’re getting replies of “take me off your list”
  • Or worse, you’re getting replies of “take me the **** off your ****’ing list.”
  • You send follow up emails… but still no replies

Sometimes you need a trained conversion rate optimization expert’s help on your cold emails.

I’m that email expert.

I launched my business on the back of cold emails. It grew 1400% in roughly 4 months.

My cold email campaign had a 56% open rate with a 9% positive reply rate.

One of my cold emails brought in $20k in revenue.

Add this cold email audit to your cart today to get my personalized review of your cold email outreach campaign.

I’ll create and send you:

  • 60-minute video review of your cold email campaign, including follow up emails (up to 6 emails)
  • Transcript of the video review
  • Actual copy recommendations, such as subject lines, body copy, and call to action

BONUS: get your specific questions answered in a 30-minute 1-on-1 chat with me.

How else can you get a CRO email copywriter to work on your emails… without the expense of a full engagement?

Or the exasperation of sitting on a waiting list? Or the hassle of a formal contract?

Get your review in: 7 days


Avoid Waiting Lists

I only book 1-2 client projects per month. The other interesting projects go on a waiting list. Other CRO copywriters refuse at least 80% of all new client requests.

I’m not the only one. Other CRO copywriters have long waiting lists. They refuse at least 80% of all new client requests.

It’s hard to get the attention of an in-demand conversion copywriter. You can’t find us on Craigslist or UpWork. We’re few and far between. And when you finally do find one of us… we’re booked solid.

Avoid Steep Fees

Plus, conversion copywriters like me are very expensive to book for a full project.

I require a $1,500 project minimum.

Because we know our stuff thanks to years of education and hands-on experience in persuasion, SEO, email marketing, cold emailing, and CRO…

Avoid Countless Hours Learning How to Write + Optimize Cold Emails

Almost no other conversion copywriters offer a cold email audit.

Please, go google “cold email outreach audit” or “cold email campaign review.” Or even “cold email audit.”

(No worries — I’ll wait.)

Find anything? Didn’t think so.

Instead of a done-for-you service giving you the insights of a trained conversion copywriter, you found dozens of articles on how to write cold emails.

So very not-awesome.

How the heck are you supposed to know if your cold email is on the right track?

A second pair of eyes is valuable in providing feedback and insights that you never considered.

When that second pair of eyes is an educated conversion copywriter trained in the fine art of emails — especially those break-out-in-a-sweat cold emails — well, my recommendations will unlock worlds of opportunity.

Custom Cold Email Audit is the only way to get your cold email campaign in front of a trained email conversion copywriter…

… and get actionable, VALUABLE recommendations…

…so your cold emails pull their weight and attract new leads to your company. So why wait?


I never outsource any element of these reviews. Each & every part of every review is completed by yours truly, Laura Lopuch.

Your cold email audit begins almost immediately when you place your order. I’ll send you an online questionnaire to complete which introduces me to your business, dream prospects, and clients. You’ll upload JPEGs of your cold email campaign that you’d like me to review.

From there, I’ll do an at-first-blush review of your cold email campaign WITH specific, actionable copy recommendations.

Then, I invite you to Dropbox where you can download my files for you.

Last, we’ll have a Zoom chat to go over any outstanding questions, so you’re completely confident about next steps.

My guarantee to you is that you’ll 100% love the results. If you don’t, I’ll find (and pay for) another email conversion engineer to review your cold email campaign.

No templated feedback. No fluff. No BS.

Pure 100% personalized conversion copy recommendations for YOUR cold email campaign.

Your Cold Email Audit Includes…

VIDEO: 60 minute recorded video of my review on the copy in your cold email campaign + transcript

COPY: Word-for-word new copy for key identified opportunities to optimize your emails, such as subject line, hook, and CTA options

CHAT: 30-minute Zoom chat with me to answer your questions

Will you review all emails in my cold email campaign?

I’ll review up to 6 emails in your cold email campaign.

It’s best if you pick the initial outreach email and any follow-up emails.

You can send me as many outreach cold emails as you’d like, but I do want to see at least 2 of your follow-up emails.

I’ve found that the follow-up emails are just as important — if not more important — than your initial email. Usually, it’s the follow-up emails that snag your prospect’s attention and show you’re serious.

I don’t have much time. What’s my level of involvement?

Short answer: minimal.

Here’s what you do:

  • Fill out a short questionnaire to update me on your business, clients, and emails
  • Send me JPEGs of your 6 emails
  • Watch the 60-minute video review that I’ll put together for you.
  • Hop on a 30-minute Zoom chat with me to answer any questions you have from my review

How soon do I get my review and recommendations?

7 actual (not business) days — from when you book your review + submit your cold emails to when you get your personalized recommendations.

If an American holiday falls within those 7 days, add on an extra day. (i.e., you book your review on July 3. The 4th of July is the next day — which is a holiday — so you’ll get your review back on July 11.)

Since I only book a limited amount of copy reviews per month, it’s best to book yours today to get the actionable copy advice you need.

If you wait to book, you might return to this page and see a header: “Current wait time: 3 months.” Cue the disappointment.

Do you provide copy recommendations to optimize my cold emails?

Yes, I give you a report that covers my recommendations to optimize your cold email copy.

This report includes actual copy options for my recommendations. Such as a new subject line to swap out a poorly performing one. Or a new hook to better engage your potential lead.

I’m interested. How do we get started?

Great! Getting started is super easy. Just click Add to cart and enter your favorite credit card number.

Right after your purchase, you’ll get a link to a short questionnaire. And we’re off.

I can’t wait to start on your cold email audit. Let’s revamp your cold emails so they’re bringing in warm leads!