Straight Shootin’ Custom SaaS Onboarding Email Audit


… Make your onboarding emails sing that high-converting, green cash music

You’re a software developer, not a copywriter. Your forte is in writing code.

But sometimes you need a trained CRO email copywriter’s help. With insights customized to your app’s email sequence and users.

Are your SaaS onboarding or free trial emails having any of these problems?

  • Users churn and burn
  • Free accounts don’t convert to paid as often as you’d like
  • Your welcome email *might* get opened (on a good day)
  • Users sign up for free trials… then vanish completely
  • Open rates on your onboarding emails go from “eh, not bad” to “down this sorrow in whiskey”
  • You have a sneaking suspicion that your emails’ copy needs more help than you can give it

Add this SaaS email audit to your cart today and get my personalized review of your software’s onboarding or free trial email sequence.

I’ll create and send you:

  • 60-minute video review of your app’s email sequence (up to 7 emails)
  • Transcript of the video review
  • Actual copy recommendations, such as subject lines, body copy, and call to actions

BONUS: get your specific questions answered in a 30-minute 1-on-1 chat with me.

How else can you get a CRO email copywriter to work on your emails… without the expense of a full engagement? Or the exasperation of sitting on a waiting list? Or the hassle of a formal contract?

Get your review in: 7 days


Avoid Waiting Lists

I only book 1-2 client projects per month — and the other interesting projects go on my waiting list.

I’m not the only conversion rate optimization (CRO) expert like this. Other conversion copywriters have waiting lists several months long. They refuse at least 80% of all new client requests.

It’s hard to get the attention of an in-demand conversion copywriter. You can’t find us on Craigslist or UpWork. We’re few and far between.

Avoid Steep Fees

Plus, conversion copywriters like me are very expensive to book for a full project.

I require a $1,500 project minimum like many CRO copywriters. And we say no to at least 80% of all new client requests because we know our stuff due to years of education and hands-on experience in persuasion, SEO, email marketing, and CRO…

Avoid Countless Hours Learning How to Analyze Emails Yourself

Almost no other SaaS copywriters offers an onboarding email copy sequence audit.

Please, go google “email copy sequence audit” or “email sequence review.” I’ll wait. :)

Instead of a done-for-you service giving you the insights of a trained conversion copywriter, you’ll find dozens of articles on how to audit and review your own emails. If you dig to Google’s 10th search results page, you might find 2 or 3 onboarding email reviews.

That ain’t cool.

As a SaaS founder, you’re a leeetle too close to your own app to see its great benefits. And, you’re trained in the science of coding — not writing. (Heck, you’ve gotten good at marketing and persuasion, but it ain’t your cup of tea.)

A second pair of eyes is so valuable in providing insights that you never considered. When that second pair of eyes is an educated conversion copywriter trained in the fine art of emails — especially those tricky onboarding emails — well, my recommendations will unlock worlds of opportunity.

Straight Shootin’ SaaS Email Audit is the only way to get your email sequence in front of a trained conversion email copywriter

… and get actionable, helpful, VALUABLE recommendations so your emails pull their weight and hook new users on your app. So why wait?


I never outsource any element of these reviews. Each & every part of every review is completed by me, Laura Lopuch.

Your SaaS email audit begins almost immediately when you place your order. I’ll send you an online questionnaire to complete which introduces me to your business, visitors, and clients. You’ll upload JPEGs of your app’s email sequence that you’d like me to review.

From there, I’ll do an at-first-blush review WITH specific copy recommendations. Then, I invite you to Dropbox where you can download my files for you.

Last, we’ll have a Zoom chat to go over any outstanding questions so you’re completely confident about next steps.

My guarantee to you is that you’ll 100% love the results. If you don’t, I’ll find (and pay for) another email conversion engineer to review your email sequence.

No templated feedback. No fluff. No BS.

Pure 100% personalized conversion-copy recommendations for YOUR email sequence.

Your Straight-Shootin’ SaaS Email Audit Includes…

VIDEO: 60 minute recorded video of my review of the copy in your email sequence + transcript

COPY: Word-for-word new copy for key identified opportunities to optimize your emails, such as subject line, hook, and CTA options

CHAT: 30-minute Zoom chat with me to answer your questions

Will you review all emails in my email sequence?

I’ll review up to 7 emails in your onboarding sequence.

It’s best if you pick the emails that a new user gets in the first 4 days of signing up. Think of that time as the honeymoon period: it’s when a new user is most hot for your app.

So these emails are the most important in getting your user to fall in love with your app and show them how your app will change their life.

However, you’re free to pick any 7 emails for me to review. My recommendation is that the 7 emails are sequential because each email should lay the groundwork for the next email.

I don’t have much time. What’s my level of involvement?

Short answer: minimal.

Here’s what you do:

  • Fill out a short questionnaire to fill me in on your business, clients, and emails
  • Send me screenshot JPEGs of your 7 emails
  • Watch the 60-minute video review that I’ll put together for you.
  • Hop on a 30-minute Zoom chat with me to answer any questions you have from my review

Easy, right?

Do you provide copy recommendations to optimize my emails?

Yes, I give you a report that covers my recommendations to optimize your emails’ copy. This report includes actual copy options for my recommendations, such as a new subject line to swap out for a poorly performing one. Or a new hook to better engage your trial user.

How soon do I get my review and recommendations?

7 actual (not business) days — from when you book your review to when you get your personalized recommendations.

If an American holiday falls within those 7 days, add on an extra day. (i.e., you book your review on July 3. The 4th of July is the next day — which is a holiday — so you’ll get your review back on July 11.)

Since I only book a limited amount of copy reviews per month, it’s best to book yours today to get the actionable copy advice you need. If you wait to book, you might return to this page and see a header: “Current wait time: 3 months.”

I’m interested. How do we get started?

Great! Getting started is super easy. Just add this product to your cart and checkout.

Right after your purchase, you’ll get a link to a short questionnaire… and we’re off. I can’t wait to start on your onboarding email sequence audit.