Get high-powered emails that make you money

What if I told you to write an email that makes your Stripe account ding wildly with sales?

And then to send that email winging off. Maybe to a stranger you’ve never met. Or to your email list of peeps who wanna hear from you.

And — if you don’t get a conversion — to have the cajones to send more emails.

Would you know what to say in that email…

… or how to say it

… or what triggers that’ll make your pitch irresistible to your reader?

So they feel compelled to take the natural next step *ahem, one that you’ve anticipated they’ll take* to nudge them closer to buying.

No hard sell needed.

No weird pressure or scarcity tactics.

No aggressive sales techniques.

I hear ya. Only once you send emails that convert, the doors to glittery entrepreneur heaven bust open. Suddenly, you’ll find yourself sipping pina coladas on a sunny beach, nary a laptop in sight.

Ok, that’s not true. ‘Cuz there isn’t an entrepreneur heaven. #marketinglie

Here’s what’ll REALLY happen:

You’ll connect with amazing clients or customers, those who need YOU and what you do.

… if you’re sending cold emails to book new 1:1 clients or new SaaS customers, your calendar’s white space is magically eaten up by sales calls

… or you’re selling to cold traffic via a Facebook ad and sales page combo

… or you’re launching an online course and need to sell it out with eager students willing to pay.

You need emails that convert (aka those infamous emails that put cashola in your bank account).

Before I found Laura, I thought 2% conversion was just how cold emailing worked. I thought I had to spend hours finding hundreds of prospects just to maybe get a client or two in the end.

Then when I implemented her system, I got a 33% response rate on THE FIRST DAY. I’m booking discovery calls left and right, my pipeline is full, and my system is almost automatic now.

I didn’t know cold emailing could work this well, or get me new clients this quickly. Thanks, Laura! Katie Thies

Ecommerce Copywriter

Want persuasive emails that naturally sell?


Hire my bewitching fingers for a day!

Get my eyes, brain, and strategic sales-inducing secret sauce on your emails.

Learn From Me

Want to work with me, but can’t swing the 1:1 price tag?

No worries — save your budget & STILL get my expertise.

SOS Call

Up email sh*t creek without a paddle? This 60-min supersession is your quick rescue. In it, we’ll strategize and life-edit an email. So you leave unstuck and ready to click send.

I’ve sent about 40 emails so far.

Currently, the open rate stands at 60% with an 11% reply rate and 3 meetings scheduled.

I’m pretty happy with those results, and if they continue this way, I actually might have to put things on hold! 

After years of fearing cold emails, it’s actually quite …dare I say it… fun!

Timothy Reid

Software developer

You’re perfect for a VIP Day if…

You’ve sent the emails before (or versions of these emails) that we’re talkin’ about…

You hate waiting. For anything…

You kinda, sorta need emails done NOW (i.e., can’t wait weeks for an opening on my packed calendar)…

You’re cool with doing some legwork before the VIP Day. ‘Cuz, well, your ideal client profile is pretty dialed in, but the email writing part?

Ack, scary as sh*t.

Possible outcomes might include:

  • Fully fleshed-out cold email strategy & ready-to-upload emails
  • Revamp your funnel for your next wildly successful online program launch
  • Webinar invite & show-up sequences ready to deploy
  • Design a tripwire evergreen funnel for infamous “sales while you sleep”

Head’s up: These days are snagged up on a first-come, first-serve basis.  

You need an SOS Call if…

Okay, let’s be honest.

You probably already know if you need this call.

‘Cuz you’re panicky, brain frozen, and can’t figure out this email that’s got you all snarled up. What you need is an expert guide to walk you out of those scary woods…

… and into the welcoming campground, free of spiders, and overflowing with s’mores. Gimme your hand, partner, I got you.

Possible outcomes might include:

  • Strategize 1-3 cold emails & live-edit together, so you click send as soon as you hang up our Zoom call
  • Revamp a webinar invite or show-up email sequence to improve sign-ups
  • Live-edit 1-2 emails together (perfect for a “weak link” email in your sequence)
  • Strategize how to convert cold traffic & outline your plan of attack
I’m a (work-at-home mom) podcast editor and I’m trying to reach out to podcasters to build my client base. I’ve used your templates as cold emails for reaching out to them.


Out of 7 podcasters that I’ve sent the cold email to, 6 of them responded!

That is unheard of — in my case.

Out of the 7 that I emailed, I had 1 conversion.

I had the chance to edit one of her episodes already :) Ivy Carla


Frequently Asked Q’s

Will you write a sales page or landing page or case study for me?
Nope, I specialize in emails.

This is where my clients get the biggest wins. (Which is what you want, right?)

I’d be doing you a disservice if I wrote you something other than an email. Because you wouldn’t be getting top-shelf, perfectly aged Scotch *ahem* emails.

Why are your packages more expensive than other copywriters?
Great question.

Because I am a conversion copywriter. Meaning I write for your reader to take a specific action. Conversion copywriting is the great-granddaughter of direct response copywriting from the Mad Men hey-days of advertising. 

This style blends psychology, storytelling, and strategy. So, being a great writer won’t cut it.

A conversion copywriter knows the triggers behind WHY people act…

… and how to pull those triggers (in a natural, unforced way).


Just like how you wouldn’t go to a vet to fix a bullet wound — unless you’re John Wick hunted by the mob — you wouldn’t go to a regular copywriter for high-converting sales emails.

How much time does the VIP Day take?
This is a session focused on quick wins. It’s a 6-hour chunk with a 1-hour follow-up call after your VIP Day.

No worries — you’re not on a Zoom call with me for 6 hours watching me write. 

Your VIP Day starts off with a 60-min kickoff call via Zoom where you fill me in on your business, ideal clients, and offer. From there, I dive into your project. At the end of 5 hours, you’ll get your project with a video walking you through the strategy and copy. 

About 1 month after your VIP Day, we’ll hop on a second 60-min Zoom call to review email results and strategize on how to improve them.

I wish I had found you before I hired my ex-copywriter. Where have you been all my life?! And how quickly can you work with me?
Well, hey there. :) I like you, too. 

The fastest way to work with me is with a VIP Day. You skip my waitlist, get your project done in a few short hours… and see results faster.

Cool with you, right?

What if I want to upgrade to a bigger package mid-way?
Sounds good. And, of course, we’ll talk about that.

Just like how we’ll talk about which package is perfect for you and your business goals.

Ready to get high-powered emails that sell for you?