Emails that Convert for Startups + SaaS

You need emails — that work — to grow your business.

Emails that persuade your email’s reader to take action. (Not hit-delete-button kind of action.)

I’m talking about action that impacts your bottom line, injects your business with green cashola, lifts your spirits that this is possible.

Your emails should have that awesome, gotta-hit-buy-button conversion POW-er.

Problem is your to-do list runneth over.

Even if the day had 5 more hours in it, you’d still be knee-deep in your to-do list. And now you gotta carve out more time to learn the mystical art of copywriting to bring conversions?

“I’ll just do the best I can today,” you think.

“Just get the free trial emails written and loaded into the system. Just write this cold email and send it out.” 

“I’ll test and optimize later.” But later never comes.

In the meantime, your emails are pathetic, starving donkeys loaded down with too many expectations. They stumble along, collecting what opens and conversions they’re lucky to find.

They’ll never haul out the legendary gold that emails are supposedly famous for.

Your answer: bring in an email expert.

Hey, I’m Laura. I’ve been writing in the startup, eCommerce, and SaaS industries since 2012.

I’m trained in the dark arts of persuasion and crafting a gotta-have-it-now feeling in your email’s reader. And I have a compelling story-based approach.

(Research has proven that storytelling creates a mirror-like response in your reader’s brain, making your message memorable.)

Which translates to more conversions… more trial users becoming customers… more cold prospects becoming warm leads, and a healthy, thriving business.

Very Grateful For Laura’s Help

“Laura is a solid copywriter, who assisted with several major projects and launches. I’m very grateful for her help! She was detail-oriented, open to feedback, and an effective interviewer.” — Selena Soo

At the end of the day: my goal is to improve your business.

Boost your success by optimizing your lifecycle, onboarding, and cold emails. So you realize their true gold-mining value in concrete, physical ways.

What is copywriting?

Words that make you money. Think of copywriting as your salesman who never, ever sleeps. And is always hustlin’ in a good way.

More than words in an email or landing page. Good copy is a persuasive, story-based argument driving towards one goal: to bring in more business.

What can copy do for me?

I write what’s called “conversion copy.” This copy drives readers to act, converts trial users to paying customers, and makes the cash flow.

Good copy is based in research and formed by science. Data and formulas drive conversion copy. The copy is tested to refine and pinpoint what works. No guessing, hoping, or crossing fingers it might work “this time.”

Why do I need a pro?

Writing can be torture. A fresh set of eyes spotlights what’s key about your business and your app. Sometimes you’re just too close to see those details.

You’re busy running your business. Copy is too important to leave it until “later.” A pro copywriter adds polish and persuasion to your email copy, so your emails bring home the bacon.

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