3% is a typical software company’s conversion rate from free to paid users.

Chances are your software’s conversion rate is in that same ballpark.

Frankly, that number means $$ of potential revenue is flowing through your fingers like sand out of a sieve.

Free trial users aren’t around long enough for their 14-day trial to run its course. And fat chance of getting them to whip out their credit card and pay. Buh-bye, they’re long gone.

Heck, they even ignored your welcome email that you sweated over for hours.

At this rate, you’ll be forced to stand in front of those hopeful employees that you interviewed long months ago with stars in your eyes and announce: “It’s over. We can’t get our users to stay. Thanks, guys. I’m sorry it didn’t work out.”

Take a deep breath.

That’s not going to happen if I can help it.

You need story-based free trial emails that convert users to customers.

Hey, I’m Laura. I’m an email conversion engineer with a story-based approach.

I optimize your free trial emails so new users return to your software…

… learn how to use it and engage…

… so at the end of their trial, they gladly enter their credit card. And tell their friends about your app.

Those friends tell more friends, and suddenly, your welcome emails are flying off the shelves and being opened. (If welcome emails could fly.)

And you need a SaaS email expert. So you can focus on making your software more awesome.

Very Grateful For Laura’s Help

“Laura is a solid copywriter, who assisted with several major projects and launches. I’m very grateful for her help! She was detail-oriented, open to feedback, and an effective interviewer.” — Selena Soo

That’s where I can help your company.

I engineer emails that tuck a friendly arm around your new user, guide them through the onboarding… straight to your Aha Moment and enlightenment, and

… straight to your Aha Moment and enlightenment…

… and persuade them life is so much better with your software.

What is copywriting?

Words that make you money. Think of copywriting as your salesman who never, ever sleeps. And is always hustlin’ in a good way.

More than words in an email or landing page. Good copy is a persuasive, story-based argument driving towards one goal: to bring in more business.

What can copy do for me?

I write what’s called “conversion copy.” It drives readers to act, converts trial users to paying customers, and makes the cash flow.

Good copy is based in research and formed by science. Data and formulas drive conversion copy. The copy is tested to refine and pinpoint what works.

Why do I need a pro?

Writing can be torture. A fresh set of eyes spotlights what’s key about your business and your app. Sometimes you’re just too close to see those details.

You’re busy running your business. Copy is too important to leave it until “later.” A pro copywriter adds polish and persuasion to your email copy, so your emails bring home the bacon.

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