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I write those infamous money-makin' emails you’ve heard so dang much about
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"Laura's the obvious go-to for business emails (especially the cold variety)"

“There’s huge ROI for email copy… unless you get it wrong. That’s why we love Laura. She’s had soooo much experience writing and testing emails that ‘getting it wrong’ just isn’t an option for her. She’s the obvious go-to for business emails (especially the cold variety).” — Joanna Wiebe, Founder of Copy Hackers

"I'm very grateful for Laura's help!"

“Laura is a solid copywriter, who assisted with several major projects and launches. I’m very grateful for her help! She was detail-oriented, open to feedback, and an effective interviewer.” — Selena Soo, Founder + CEO of S2 Groupe

Driven $70,000+ of Revenue

Laura’s writing for Tortuga has driven more than $70K of revenue. Her articles and guides always hook me from the first paragraph by using personal examples to make any topic, even something as dry as packing, into a relatable story.” — Fred Perrotta, Co-Founder of Tortuga Backpacks

"Laura nailed my unique southern voice"

“Laura quickly nailed my unique Southern voice and very successfully ‘channeled’ me in my emails!” — Lise Kuecker, Founder of The Client Cure and Revenue Remedy, and host of the Ready. Aim. Empire podcast

You need persuasive emails that make your Stripe account cha-ching.

And you suspect that email is the trigger to pull.

… Psst, you’re dead-right. 

Cold Emails

If you’re a B2B biz owner and you’re determined to infuse your biz with more greenbacks via cold emails, I can write your effective cold emails. So they’re reply-generating workhorses. >> LEARN MORE

SaaS Emails

If you’re a SaaS company, I write your onboarding emails. Or I can interpret your data and give you a researched strategy for your emails. Need to convert a trial to a paid user via emails? I do that, too. >> LEARN MORE

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