My business grew 1400% on emails -- in 4 mos

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Hey, I'm Laura.

I live outside Denver within eyesight of mountains. Before I was an email conversion engineer, I was a litigation paralegal where I learned the magical art of persuasion.

I offer three main services for SaaS companies and startups:

  • Free trial or onboarding email sequences (aka welcome email series)
  • Nurture sequences
  • Cold email campaigns

My writing has been seen on...

... Kissmetrics, Crazy Egg, Make a Living Writing, and Copy Hackers. I write regularly for Tortuga Backpacks.

Or you spotted me on a Tutorial Tuesday with Joanna Wiebe... 

... showing you the insides of a cold email template that got me a $20k client.

Here's the part where you choose your own adventure:

Option 1) Want to boost your email conversions? Great, let's talk.

Option 2) Find out why my emails make you more money. Keep readin'.


You've been looking for an email nerd like me

- You get a mind obsessed by analytics and data

Customer research drives my copy. They aren't just words thrown on a page willy-nilly.

Each word is deliberately placed in an email. For reasons based on customer interviews, data, and cold hard research.

Laura's marketing and business solutions get results. If you’re looking for a partner to help you with your business, she’s your girl!” — Jennifer Stenbak, 5280 Magazine Denver Five Star Real Estate Agent for 2014-2016

- I'm not a software engineer turned writer

I've been trained in analyzing a work of content, pinpointing what elements work, and reassembling the entire piece into an argument. Perfect for crafting onboarding and free trial email sequences. 

After reading and analyzing 1,000+ books, I know why you devour a book in a day and slog through another. You get a storytelling expert in the powerful science of the ancient art of narrative.

Meaning you get compelling emails that keep your reader reading for the next line. And the next email.

At Tortuga Backpacks, Laura was part of a writing team that quadrupled our subscribers. -- Fred Perrotta, co-founder of Tortuga Backpacks

- You get the absolute best: I specialize in one type of copy -- emails

When you need precise brain surgery, you go to a neurosurgeon. Not your general practitioner.

Other SaaS copywriters "specialize" in SaaS, but write anything and everything -- home page, email sequences, blog posts, ebooks, white papers, etc.

Not me. I'm an email conversion engineer. Just the emails, ma'am.

- A killer academic + career background

My undergraduate degree focused on analysis + research, persuasion, and storytelling.

Then, I became a senior litigation paralegal at a law firm, attended trials, and won 90% of them.

I learned powerful persuasion techniques from attorneys. Aka persuasion masters whose job description is to convince a courtroom of people who don't like them.

- You get a tech geek

When I was 12 years old, I taught myself HTML so I could build a website from scratch. (Mainly 'cuz I didn't like the prebuilt templates in Angelfire.)

As a litigation paralegal, I taught myself two different trial exhibit software, how to set up a courtroom digitally... and taught 70% of my firm how to do the same. Which only means that I like to know how and why things work.

Laura takes content and infuses life back into it while telling a story to the reader. Copywriters like Laura who understand how to work with people using a positive, upbeat and non-ego approach are valued and hard to find. - Rachel Garcia, marketing manager at Infoedge LLC

Sounds perfect, right? 

>>>Heck yeah. Let's talk.