High-Converting Emails for Countless Clients

& Customers Flowing In

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Before I found Laura, I thought 2% conversion was just how cold emailing worked. I thought I had to spend hours finding hundreds of prospects just to maybe get a client or two in the end.

Then when I implemented her system, I got a 33% response rate on THE FIRST DAY. I’m booking discovery calls left and right, my pipeline is full, and my system is almost automatic now.

I didn’t know cold emailing could work this well, or get me new clients this quickly. Thanks, Laura! Katie Thies

eCommerce Copywriter



Having an email list of peeps eager to hear from you is the fastest track to success. It’s one that I put off for wayyyyy too long.

ConvertKit cuts through the big learning curve, so you easily send emails. It’s the EASIEST email software to use. (I’ve tried ’em all.)

Even if you’re a solopreneur, wearing many hats.



A landing page is a vital part of growing your list. Even if you’re cold emailing!

LeadPages’ gallery of tested templates is my fav.

Plus, it’s the ONLY landing page software that links directly with Facebook Ads. Meaning: creating a new ad to drive traffic is a breeze.


Need a hosting service for your brand-new website? Bluehost is the one I use (and have for the last 6+ years).

Easy to set up, edit, and it beautifully integrates with WordPress (aka the world’s largest open-source software for websites, apps, blogs.) So your options are limitless on what you can build.


Shhh — this is my secret weapon on creating a connection quickly. I LOVE sending my new lead a personalized videos. (That’s, btw, irresistibly clickable in an email thanks to a gif.) Or surprising an email subscriber with a quick video.

Biggest bonus? Nobody is using video in their marketing. So, when you show up, it’s surprising, fresh, and powerful. #winwin

In the very first month, my response rate went from 4% to 20% — and I’m thrilled with the results.

Laura breaks down every step of creating an effective business email: from the subject line to grabbing the recipient’s attention and also how often to follow up. (Something I’ve been way too shy about in the past!) David Rodeck

Financial Copywriter


Okay, let’s be honest. You probably already know if you need this call.

‘Cuz you’re paniky, brain frozen, and can’t figure out this email that’s got you all snarled up.

What you need is an expert guide to walk you out of those scary woods… and into the welcoming campground, free of spiders, with warm s’mores waiting.

Gimme your hand, partner, I got you.

Possible outcomes: 

  • Strategize 1 cold email & live-edit it together, so you click send as soon as our Zoom call ends
  • Revamp a webinar invite or show-up email sequence to improve sign-ups
  • Live-edit 1 email together (perfect for a “weak link” email in your sequence)
  • Strategize how to convert cold traffic & outline your plan of attack from ad to thank you page